To Be - Present Tense

English Exercises - Answers

A) Complete the sentences using the correct form of To Be.

1. am
2. isn't
3. are
4. aren't
5. are
6. is
7. aren't
8. am not
9. are not
10. is

B) Answer the questions below using full sentences.

1. No I am not. I am from Brazil.

2. No, I'm not. I'm a doctor.

3. No she isn't. She's from China.

4. No they aren't, they are intelligent.

5. No it isn't. It's white.

C) Make questions and then answer them.

1. (Man) - Are you a man?
Yes, I am OR No, I'm not.

2. (Noisy) - Is downtown noisy?
Yes, it is.

3. (Germany) - Is Germany in Asia?
No, it isn't.

4. (Shoes) - Are your shoes comfortable?
Yes, they are.

5. (Doctor) - Is your friend a doctor?
No, he isn't.

6. (Elephant) Is the elephant heavy?
Yes, it is.

If you are looking for the Free Grammar Worksheet for this activity, you will find it here:
To Be in Present Tense Exercises (PDF)

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