For - Since

English Exercises - Answers

A) Fill the gap with either FOR or SINCE.

1. for
2. since
3. since
4. for
5. for
6. since
7. since
8. for
9. since
10. for

B) Write whether you should use FOR or SINCE with the following phrases
1. since
2. for 
3. since
4. since
5. for
6. since
7. for
8. since
9. for
10. since

C) Create sentences with the following phrases and FOR or SINCE.

(Possible Answers – Your answers will probably be different)

  1. Many things have happened since the 5th Century.
  2. We have lived in Santiago for six years.
  3. She has been working since last month.
  4. I have studied science since 2009.
  5. I have been on a diet since Sunday.
  6. They waited for 20 minutes.
  7. The building has been open since 18/05/2005.
  8. You haven't visited since 12th April.
  9. He held his breath for 15 seconds.
  10. We have studied English for a long time.

D) Answer the questions with either FOR or SINCE.

(Possible Answers – Your answers will probably be different)

1. I have had my job for X years.

2. I have lived in my house for x years / since 2005.

3. I have been in Santiago since I was born / for a long time.

If you are looking for the Free Grammar Worksheet for this activity, you will find it here:
For vs Since Worksheet (PDF)

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