Question Words

English Exercises - Answers

A) Complete the following with one of the question words below then write an answer.

(Possible Answers – Your answers will probably be different)

1. How -- I go to work by car.

2. How many -- I have two children.

3. When -- I eat dinner at 8pm.

4. Who -- I live with my sister and my dog.

5. Where -- I like to go to the beach.

6. How much -- I like to have two teaspoons.

7. Which -- Spring is my favorite season.

8. What -- My favorite day is Saturday.

9. Why -- Because my family and friends live here.

B) Write a question for each of the answers, using a question word.

(Possible Answers – Your answers will probably be different)

How do you get to work?
Where is Chile?
Which do you like, tea or coffee?
What do you do in your free time?
Where do you want to go on holiday?
How many bedrooms does your house have?
How much do you earn a month?
Why don't you want pizza?
When is your birthday?
Who is that man there?

C) Answer the following questions.

(Possible Answers – Your answers will probably be different)

1. I live in Santiago.
2. I live with my parents.
3. I live in an apartment.
4. There is only one bedroom.
5. Because it is cheap.
6. I moved there last November.
7. It is 30 minutes away from my school.

If you are looking for the Free Grammar Worksheet for this activity, you will find it here:
Question Words Exercises (PDF)

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