Prepositions of Time (At - On - In)

English Exercises - Answers

A) Write the preposition of time for the following. If a preposition isn't used, put X.

1. On 11. At 21. In
2. X 12. At 22. X
3. In 13. In 23. On
4. At 14. On 24. In
5. X 15. X 25. X
6. At 16. At 26. On
7. On 17. At 27. X
8. X 18. At 28. At
9. In 19. In 29. In
10. In 20. At/On 30. On

B) Circle the correct preposition of time.
1. On
2. at
3. X
4. in
5. at
6. at

C) Write sentences using a preposition of time and the following words:
(Possible Answers – Your answers will probably be different)

1. I graduated from university in 1999.
2. My alarm went off at 8 o'clock.
3. Life was a lot more difficult in the 18th century.
4. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning.
5. We're going on vacation next month.
6. She loves to go skiing in winter.
7. Humans will probably be living on other planets in 2918.
8. Fred's birthday party is on Saturday night.
9. Hurry up! We have to leave in ten minutes.
10. The flight arrives in half an hour.

If you are looking for the Free Grammar Worksheet for this activity, you will find it here:
Prepositions of Time Worksheet (PDF)

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