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This list of English Grammar Games and Notes contains extra activities and information for students to learn English outside of a classroom. They are NOT in any particular order.

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Printable English Exercises in PDF

Permission is hereby given to download and photocopy these exercises free of charge for use by individual teachers in their classrooms on the condition that no changes be made to the exercise sheet. The copyright notice and the www.grammar.cl website address must remain in place. Students may also print these exercises for personal use. These exercises cannot by published on any other website. I hope you find these exercises and worksheets useful.

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Code Grammar Topic (Notes) Online
G-01 There is / There are Game Exercises Answers
G-02 Prepositions of Time (At, On, In) GameExercises Answers
G-03 To Be - Past Tense GameExercises Answers
G-04 Past Tense Irregular Verbs GameExercises Answers
G-05 Can / Cannot GameExercises Answers
G-06 To Be - Present Tense GameExercises Answers
G-07 Adverbs of Frequency GameExercises Answers
G-08 Adverbs Spelling -LY --- Exercises Answers
G-09 Comparatives and Superlatives GameExercises Answers
G-10 Very - Too - Enough GameExercises Answers
G-11 Question Tags GameExercises Answers
G-12 Countable and Uncountable Nouns GameExercises Answers
G-13 Present Tense vs. Progressive Tense GameExercises Answers
G-14 Question Words (Who, When, etc.) Game - Game 2 Exercises Answers
G-15 So - Neither - Either (Short Answers)GameExercises Answers
G-16 Two - Too - To GameExercises Answers
G-17 Short Answers - To Be (Present Tense) GameExercises Answers
G-18 Short Answers - Present Tense GameExercises Answers
G-19 Short Answers - Past Tense GameExercises Answers
G-20 Adjectives with Prepositions GameExercises Answers
G-21 Prepositions List (Mixed)  GameExercises Answers
G-22 Some - Any - A - An GameExercises Answers
G-23 For vs. Since GameExercises Answers
G-24 Reflexive Pronouns Obj. vs Refl. Pronouns Exercises Answers
G-25 Object Pronouns GameExercises Answers
G-26 Subject Pronouns --- Exercises Answers
G-27 Passive Voice GameExercises Answers
G-28 Past Participles GameExercises Answers
G-29 This That These Those (Demonstratives) Game - Game 2 Exercises Answers
G-30 Present vs. Progressive vs. Past Tense GameExercises Answers
G-31 Much - Many - A lot of - Few GameExercises Answers
G-32 Possessive Pronouns GameExercises Answers
G-33 Possessive Adjectives GameExercises Answers
G-34 Articles - Definite & Indefinite A vs An Exercises Answers
G-35 Plural Nouns - Regular & Irregular Game Exercises Answers
G-36 Do vs. Does Game Exercises Answers
G-37 Don't vs. Doesn't Game Exercises Answers
G-38 Will --- Exercises Answers
G-39 Going to --- Exercises Answers
G-40 Future - Will vs. Going to --- Exercises Answers
G-41 Like vs. As Game Exercises Answers
G-42 Simple Present Tense Game Exercises Answers
G-43 Adverbs --- Exercises Answers
G-44 Adverbs vs. Adjectives Game Exercises Answers
G-45 Adjectives ending in -ED and -ING Game Exercises Answers
G-46 Present Perfect Tense --- Exercises Answers
G-47 Past Tense vs Perfect Tense --- Exercises Answers
G-48 Present Tense Verbs - Third Person --- Exercises Answers
G-49 Whoever, Whatever, Whenever etc. Game Exercises Answers
G-50 Still, Yet, Already Game Exercises Answers
G-51 Have Has Go Goes Game Exercises Answers
G-52 Where + To Be Game Exercises Answers
G-53 Noun + To Be + Noun Game Exercises Answers
G-54 Spelling - Words ending in ING --- Exercises Answers
G-55 So vs. Such GameExercises Answers
G-56 Your vs You're Game Exercises Answers
G-57 Genitive Case (Apostrophe S - 's) --- Exercises Answers
G-58 Used to vs Use to --- Exercises Answers
G-59 Prepositions of Place --- Exercises Answers
G-60 Prepositions of Movement --- Exercises Answers
G-61 Pronunciation of -S at the end of words --- Exercises Answers
G-62 Pronunciation of ED Game Exercises Answers
G-63 Compound Adjectives --- Exercises Answers
G-64 There vs Their vs They're Game Exercises Answers
G-65 Adjectives --- Exercises Answers
G-66 Adjectives - Word Order Basic Exercises Answers
G-67 Spelling - Words ending in ED --- Exercises Answers
G-68 Past Tense --- Exercises Answers
G-69 Quantifiers --- Exercises Answers
G-70 Another vs Other vs Others Game Exercises Answers
G-71 All vs Every vs Each --- Exercises Answers
G-72 Both, Neither, Either Game Exercises Answers
G-73 Little, Less, Least --- Exercises Answers
G-74 More, Most --- Exercises Answers
G-75 No --- Exercises Answers
G-76 Several --- Exercises Answers
G-77 Every day vs everyday Game Exercises Answers
G-78 Every day vs all day Game Exercises Answers
G-79 Do - Does - Did - Done Game Exercises Answers
G-80 Modal Verbs --- Exercises Answers
G-81 Can - Could --- Exercises Answers
G-82 May - Might --- Exercises Answers
G-83 Must - Have to --- Exercises Answers
G-84 Shall --- Exercises Answers
G-85 Should - Ought to --- Exercises Answers
G-86 Would --- Exercises Answers

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