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Woodward English loves to help English teachers around the world and the objective of this section is to make teachers and parents' lives easier.

How to use this Website

We have created many grammar topics. You can refer your students to the student section of grammar.cl (the can click the green button on the right to go straight there). On the Student secton page you will find a long list of grammar topics as below.

How teachers can use our student section

The student section is great as a reference guide should students have any doubts and also to practice areas they may need more help with.

Free Printable Worksheets for English Classes

We have created downloadable worksheets covering many grammar topics. Each of these topics has its own worksheet in PDF form which can be found in the student section.

If you like, your students can also check their own answers on the "Answers" Page next to each topic.

Permission is hereby given to download and photocopy these worksheets free of charge for use by individual teachers in their classrooms on the condition that no changes be made to the exercise sheet. The copyright notice and the www.grammar.cl website address must remain in place.

These exercises cannot by published on any other website. Please remember that we have spent a lot of time to create these free activities so please respect this. Also, If you see a mistake in any, please let us know so we can correct it.

English Lesson Plans for Teachers

We are in the process of creating teacher resources and lesson plans for ESL/EFL classes at all levels. These are aimed at adults learning English as a second language though can easily be adapted for younger learners. You can find our resources here: Woodward English Teacher Resources

More of our Free English Learning Sites

Remember that we have the following to help your students improve their English outside of the classroom:

Woodward English Vocabulary - www.vocabulary.cl
Similar to this grammar website though focused on English vocabulary. We have vocabulary notes and games for students.

Learn English blog - www.woodwardenglish.com
Our blog to help students learn English with a new article we publish every week. Sometimes we include idioms, common mistakes, famous quotes and even jokes in English, all with an explanation of the vocabulary and/or grammar that appears.

Woodward English on Facebook - www.facebook.com/WoodwardEnglish
You can also recommend students follow us on Facebook where we frequently publish new material and images that we create.

Woodward English on Twitter - @WoodwardEnglish
On twitter we have our English Word of the Day which includes another tweet with an example of its use. We read all of the messages people send us and often answer questions and doubts from those English students. Sometimes teachers contact us too with suggestions for classes or topics. This is also the place where we let both teachers and students know when we have created new material.


You can find Woodward English resources here: Woodward English Teacher Resources


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