Very - Too - Enough

English Grammar Rules

The following grammar notes show the difference uses (and word order) of Very, Too and Enough.

Very and Too + adjective

1. The exam is very difficult, but Jim can complete it.

2. The exam is too difficult. Jim can't complete it.

Very difficult = it is difficult but possible for Jim to complete the exam.

Too difficult = It is impossible for Jim to complete the exam.

Remember that Too implies a negative result.

Too + adjective + infinitive

  • Alex couldn't play basketball because he was too short.
  • Alex was too short to play basketball.
  • We are too tired to go to the gym.
  • Mary was too ill to finish her food.

Too + adjective + for (someone) + infinitive

  • I can't walk to Valparaiso because it is too far.
  • Valparaiso is too far for me to walk.
  • It is too late for me to go out.
  • The soup is too cold for Tim to eat.
  • The price of the ticket is too expensive for Mike to fly to Europe.

Enough + noun

Enough (pronounced "enuf")

There was sufficient food for everybody at the party.

  • There was enough food for everybody at the party.
  • I had enough money to pay for dinner with my girlfriend.
  • Is there enough time to finish the test?

Adjective + Enough

Everybody notices her because she is very pretty.

  • She is pretty enough for everybody to notice her.
  • My friend lives close enough to my house to walk.
  • Last summer it was hot enough to go swimming every day.

Enough + infinitive

  • When she lost her dog, it was enough to make her cry.
  • He was sick enough to stay home from work today.
  • I arrived at the airport early enough to make my flight to New York.

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Last Updated: 15 December 2014
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