There is - There are

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A) Complete the following sentences with there is / there are in the affirmative.

There are - there are - there is - there are - there are - there is - there are - there are - there is - there are

B) Complete the following sentences with there isn’t / there aren’t.

1. There isn’t
2. There aren’t
3. there isn’t
4. there aren’t
5. There isn’t
6. There aren’t
7. there aren’t
8. there isn’t
9. there isn’t
10. there aren’t

C) Describe your neighborhood: What is there in your neighborhood? What doesn’t exist?
Example answer: I live in downtown Santiago. In my neighbourhood there are many apartment buildings...

D) Create sentences using there is / there are and the following words:

(Possible Answers - Your answers will probably be different)

1. There is a key in the door.
2. There are three trees in the garden.
3. I love all kinds of music. There isn’t any that I hate.
4. There are some great books which I want for Christmas.
5. There are three floors in the house.
6. There isn’t any food in the fridge. We need to go shopping.
7. There aren’t enough minutes in the day!
8. There are so many stars in the sky tonight.
9. There is a new restaurant opening across the street.
10. There are four cups of coffee on the table.

If you are looking for the Free Grammar Worksheet for this activity, you will find it here:
There is There are Worksheet (PDF)

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Last Updated: 02 December 2014
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