Can - Cannot

English Exercises - Answers

A) Fill the spaces with an appropriate word to make sentences.

1. can’t
2. can -- can’t
3. can’t -- can
4. drive -- can’t
5. can -- can’t
6. can’t -- can
7. book -- bookstore -- fire station
8. can -- can’t
9. can -- anything -- can’t
10. cat -- climb a tree, -- dog

B) Answer the questions below with CAN or CAN’T (or both).

(Possible Answers - Your answers will probably be different)

1. I can speak Spanish and English. I can’t speak Portuguese.
2. No, I can’t, but I can play the guitar.
3. No, they can’t.
4. You can buy a bottle of wine at a supermarket.
5. Yes, I can swim.
6. You can wear one for Halloween.

C) Create questions using the words below using CAN. Afterwards, answer them.

(Possible Answers - Your answers will probably be different)

1. Camera - Can your camera take photos at night?
Yes it can.

2. Elephant - Can an elephant swim from Africa to Europe?
No it can’t.

3. Dinner - What can I make for dinner?
You can make lasagna.

4. Airplane - Can you fly an airplane?
No, I cannot.

5. Truck - Can you drive a truck?
Yes, I can.

6. Trumpet - Can you play the trumpet?
No, I can’t. I can play a guitar.

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Last Updated: 31 March 2014